What we offer:

Spinal Manipulation

The Activator Method Chiropractic Technique provides chiropractic care in a gentle, non-invasive manner. This technique has been used effectively since the late 1960s. The gentle process has brought relief to patients of all ages and with different health concerns.

Custom Orthotics

Functional orthotics are custom made to provide correction for postural problems in people of all ages. Problems in your feet can affect the alignment of the spine and posture, causing pain and compensation. Correcting imbalances in your feet can help give your posture the support it needs from the bottom up. Functional orthotics also provide support to the arches of your foot, providing more stability and preventing the breakdown of arches over time.


The ReBuilder is the peripheral neuropathy treatment of choice for the pain of chemotherapy induced neuropathy and peripheral neuropathy caused by other health issues. The ReBuilder unit is a specialized TENS unit (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator) created to use electronic pulses to measure and repair the nerves in the periphery of the body, without the use of drugs.

Medlight630PRO Light Therapy

The Medlight630PRO is a near infrared medical device to treat pain. It uses low level laser therapy to provide pain reduction through healing without drugs. The Medlight offers stimulation of the cells to regenerate, accelerating the time of healing and repairing cells from the inside out.

Rapid Release Technology

Rapid Release Technology or RRT, it is a breakthrough in scar tissue removal. When scar tissue builds up, it can restrict range of motion and create pain and acute muscle spasms. By removing these, through RRT, old injuries will fade away as the scar tissue is absorbed into the body. This therapy is groundbreaking and is currently being used by dozens of NFL teams, 3 Olympic training teams and many more.

Heavy Metal Testing

A tool we use to aid in the first step toward wellness is testing for heavy metals. Reducing chemical toxicity is crucial to wellness. A simple saliva/urine test will determine the presence of heavy metals in your body. If there are heavy metals present, we can provide a detox plan.

Alkaline Water

We have a Kangen machine in our office which produces high-quality alkaline water. The quality of the water we ingest affects how our bodies function. This includes the alkaline versus acidic nature of our bodies. According to research, maintaining a proper alkaline-acid balance can improve the body’s ability to maintain health.

Massage Therapy

Treating a discomfort with a therapeutic massage relieves pain and stiffness in your body.  Our massage therapist has the knowledge and touch to provide the exact massage to fit your needs.

We also provide therapeutic massages aiming at your low back, neck, and shoulders, proving care to the pain caused by tension from staring at a computer day after day.  Studies have shown massage therapy also boosts the immune system, which may help prevent illness, such as influenza and the common cold, as well leaving you with an overall feeling of well-being.


Improves flexibility and range of motion

Helps manage pain

Relaxes muscles

Reduce Stress Levels

Increase Energy Levels

Improve Circulation