Whether you are a long distance runner, a nurse, a waiter, or are just looking for a corrective solution to your lower back, leg, and foot pain, custom orthotics could be your answer. Designed not only for your specific feet, but for your posture problems and your unique pain, the orthotics that we offer at our San Diego health and wellness center help you get back on your feet without the pain. Because we are a family chiropractic center, we work with people of all ages, and can create custom orthotics for you as well as your children or your grandparents.

Why Custom Orthotics Are Important

Orthotics are different from insoles, which are designed specifically for comfort. Instead, orthotics work to correct structural issues caused by poor posture habits or other serious problems.

Having the proper balance and posture is essential to your wellbeing, as problems with your feet affect your entire body. When your feet aren’t holding your body properly, your body begins to compensate, and this compensation seriously affects the alignment of your spine. A misaligned spine is the source of so many illnesses, pain, and injuries, which is why it is important to correct your balance as soon as possible.

With custom orthotics, we are able to help you correct your posture and any balance issues, regardless of your unique feet, so that you can have the posture correction you need. In addition to healing issues with your spine and providing you with pain relief, functional orthotics provide quality support to your arches, which encourages stability and helps fight against the breakdown of your arches.

Learn more about custom orthotics, and see how they can help you find relief by contacting our holistic doctor at Engel Health & Wellness today!