Heal Your Pain With Infrared Light Therapy

Our San Diego health and wellness clinic is proud to offer infrared light therapy with the revolutionary Medlight 630 Pro. Designed to use low-level, near-infrared light to treat pain and induce healing without the use of drugs, it provides our clients with an alternative option to medication.

How Low Level Laser Therapy Works

We see the effects that light has on matter everywhere. Whether it’s photosynthesis or a sunburn, light has a way of reacting with organic material to produce biological reactions. By understanding how the cell membrane reacts to light, we can tailor a cold laser to interact with the cells and stimulate a positive response. We do this through low level laser therapy (LLLT).

Also known as near infrared light therapy or photobiomodulation, LLLT works to penetrate beneath the surface of your skin and activate your cells’ natural healing impulses. Through regeneration and repair, your cells are able to rebuild the damaged areas and limit the nerves’ erratic responses so you can receive both immediate pain relief and cumulative healing.

How LLLT Could Help You

The infrared light therapy provided by the Medlight 630 Pro helps our clients with a vast number of issues, allowing them to experience:

Pain Relief: By healing nerves and cells, your body is able to better cope with pain signals so you can get relief without medication.

Reduced Inflammation: Whether you have swelling caused from injury or a medical condition, light therapy can help reduce the inflammation and improve your mobility.

Increased Healthy Blood Flow: Low level light works to stimulate your vascular activity so you can benefit from better lymphatic movement and blood flow.

Better Nerve Function: Light therapy can help your nerves to heal faster and reconnect more efficiently so you benefit from healthy nerve activity.

Infrared light therapy is an innovative technology, and our San Diego office is proud to offer LLLT with the Medlight 630 Pro. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!