1. A Real Improvement!

    To whom it may concern, I have been seeing Dr. Engel for several years on a regular basis, mostly due to neck and back issues. My neck problems have improved greatly. My lower back problems have improved also as long as I do not have continued exacerbation. In recent months, however, Dr. Engel prescribed Orthotics for me to wear or use on a regular basis. Upon doing so for a period of time, my low…Read More

    David J. Pitts
  2. My life is forever changed!

    I came to see Dr. Engel with a closed mind. But I was willing to give his adjustments a “try”. The first time I came in I was at an 8-10 pain. My right knee was giving out and my right leg was numb most of the time. I had back and neck pain that was so bad that I couldn’t put my shoulders back. I also noticed that my left shoulder was about an inch or more higher than my right. I am only 29 …Read More

    Kimberly James
  3. Success!

    What a difference a month makes! Up to a month ago (Sept. 2014) I was making the best of every painful day because I was sure worst days were ahead of me. I was enjoying the present while not looking forward to the future. The body pain I had was not bad enough for me to take daily medication but it was bad enough to interfere with daily activities. I was sure it was just a matter of time before I…Read More

    Maria Salazar Segovia
  4. Life Improving

    I am new to California and was very fortunate to find Dr. Engel on activator.com. I was referred by my previous chiropractor to look for expert activator treatment and Dr. Engel was a perfect find. I am 23 and had a recent issue with not being able to open my jaw more than an inch. Originally the problem was a very concerning feeling that caused me to imagine surgery would be the only solution. To…Read More

    Marshall Nicely
  5. Successful Treatments

    Success is an achievement above the norm. I once talked to an actor and congratulated him on his instant success. His answer to me; “Instant success is it? I have been working in the trade for almost twenty years, and I have finally been recognized.” Success cannot be achieved in a short time. I’m sure Dr. Engel feels success every time he helps a patient get well. He has been plying his tra…Read More

    John Callahan