Healing The Body So It Can Heal Itself

At Engel Health & Wellness, we truly believe that the body has a natural ability to heal itself. However, over time, misuse and abuse cause the body to break down and become increasingly inefficient. At our San Diego office, we offer spinal manipulation, gentle touch chiropractic care, and many other holistic healing practices so that we are able to give your body the tools it needs in order to give you a healing that lasts.

When you come into our office, you know that you are in a wellness center that truly cares about you, not just your symptoms. The body is a multi-faceted system, interwoven and interdependent so that each part relies on the others in order to thrive. Because of this, we will never just treat you for headaches, lower back pain, or digestive orders. Instead, we work with your body in order to enable it to heal itself from the conditions that are causing these symptoms. Whether a misalignment is causing vertigo or a deeply rooted hormone deficiency is causing fatigue, our chiropractors will work to understand you as a whole person so that we can better treat your conditions at their source.

Not only has this approach to wellness proven to be highly effective, but by healing the body directly and healing the diseases indirectly, we work to solve problems that you may not have even known you had and pains that you didn’t notice before. Your health and happiness is our number one concern, and at Engel Health & Wellness, we truly work to help you get there.

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