Successful Treatments

Success is an achievement above the norm. I once talked to an actor and congratulated him on his instant success. His answer to me; “Instant success is it? I have been working in the trade for almost twenty years, and I have finally been recognized.” Success cannot be achieved in a short time.
I’m sure Dr. Engel feels success every time he helps a patient get well. He has been plying his trade for a number of years, and it must please him each time he hears a patient say, “THANK YOU, YOU’VE HELPED ME THROUGH MY LATEST DIFFICULTIES.” That is not only his success, but the patient’s success as well.
I was cautious and reluctant to try another chiropractor. Throughout my years I had engaged a number of chiropractor’s to relieve my back pains, sometimes they gave me relief, and sometimes they didn’t. Two years ago I had a severe sciatica condition that inhibited me for months on end. I chose two chiropractic doctors, but they were unable to help me. After months of pain I went to a therapist and he prescribed a series of exercises for me to do. My pain eventually went away, but I had five months of excruciating pain.
Doctor Engel gave a lesson on back care at a recent health care meeting I attend. He was the first one that was able to explain in layman’s terms how the spine controls the many functions of the body. I decided to take him up on his first FREE meeting.
His initial meeting allowed me further to understand the workings of the spine. He took his time, and he allowed me to explain my problems in full. Within the span of four treatments my neck was moving more than it had for twenty years.
Moving on from that success he worked on the numbness of my feet. Another two weeks and my numbness decreased approximately 50%, and each week thereafter I had less numbness. Now, after weeks of therapy it has decreased 80%.
Presently he is working to give me more strength on my left side. To date, I am approximately 40% better and looking forward to full use of my left arm movement that had plagued me for years.
The successful treatments Doctor Engel has prescribed for me has moved me from living a restricted life into an outgoing life. I am now able to live without pain, and I am able to walk again like I hadn’t done in years.
I applaud you, Doctor Engel for you success, and for giving me a successful life again.

John Callahan