What a difference a month makes!

Up to a month ago (Sept. 2014) I was making the best of every painful day because I was sure worst days were ahead of me. I was enjoying the present while not looking forward to the future. The body pain I had was not bad enough for me to take daily medication but it was bad enough to interfere with daily activities. I was sure it was just a matter of time before I would require daily medication because the pain was bound to get worse.
Although undiagnosed by a doctor, my own diagnosis was “psoriasis arthritis” because it felt like every joint in my body hurt. For on thing, I had a “noisy” spinal column. Every time I turned my head to one side or the other, I would hear a noise that sounded like two objects rubbing against each other. Every time I moved my head back and forth there was the “Krispy Rice” sound. In fact, depending on the movement, different vertebrae and/or joint would make the snap, crackle or pop noise. The ‘noise” didn’t bother me, but the pain did. The pain, in different joints depending on my body position, was always there…day or night, standing, sitting, laying down…
One day, out of curiosity, I attended a presentation, related to arthritis, given by Dr. Engel in my local public library. I was skeptical but decided to take him up on his first FREE meeting. He educated me on the spinal column function and explained several times the “CHART OF EFFECTS OF SPINAL MISALIGNMENTS”. What he explained made sense to me and I decided to go for “CORRECTIVE CARE”. If there is a chance for me to be pain free, I am going to take it.
Today (10-31-2014) I no longer have a “noisy” spinal column. Much of my pain has disappeared. I feel more energetic and am looking forward to a future that I know will be as painless as possible. I do make the best out of every day, but now my days are better because my body feels better. I am enjoying the present more than before and I am looking forward to the future because I know my body is going to greatly improve in its functions and energy!
Thank you Dr. Richard A. Engel! You are the answer to my prayers!

Maria Salazar Segovia