My life is forever changed!

I came to see Dr. Engel with a closed mind. But I was willing to give his adjustments a “try”. The first time I came in I was at an 8-10 pain. My right knee was giving out and my right leg was numb most of the time. I had back and neck pain that was so bad that I couldn’t put my shoulders back. I also noticed that my left shoulder was about an inch or more higher than my right. I am only 29 years old and my pain was getting worse daily. I was willing to give chiro a chance. Wow! After my first visit my left shoulder was at the same level as my right. I was like “What? Okay…I’m liking this.” Coming in twice a week is the highlight of my week. I work 10-15 hours and I still make time because my body has never felt this good. No more pain. I’m at most a 2 at time. My life is forever changed!

Kimberly James