Life Improving

I am new to California and was very fortunate to find Dr. Engel on I was referred by my previous chiropractor to look for expert activator treatment and Dr. Engel was a perfect find. I am 23 and had a recent issue with not being able to open my jaw more than an inch. Originally the problem was a very concerning feeling that caused me to imagine surgery would be the only solution. To my surprise I found a much easier solution through chiropractic care which not only significantly improved my jaw but also improved the overall functionality of my nervous system. Dr. Engel has a unique style of care that I am forever grateful for because it is the education on spinal heath that provides a life time of corrective/preventive healthcare. I have received relief from my jaw problem, but more importantly, I understand the importance of spinal health and how future health problems can be prevented and cured. The precision of Dr. Engel’s use of the activator is a life improving discovery I am incredibly grateful for.

Marshall Nicely